Below is a partial listing of notable transactions City Center has completed for our various clients. These and other transactions include client types such as: co-ops/condominiums, religious organizations, higher education, cultural institutions, government entities, foreign embassies, and developers.

Seller Clients - Sites & TDRs

The pictures below are typically of the development project even though this section is related to seller clients.

Buyer Clients - Sites & TDRs

Off-Site Inclusionary Housing

Off-Site Inclusionary Housing (OSIH) can either be already generated OSIH or to-be-built OSIH.  While there are benefits for each type, depending on the specifics of a developer, the already generated OSIH sells at a premium to the to-be-built OSIH.

Additional Services

Fee Development Advisory

As an advisor to a long time multi-generational client, City Center kept suggesting the client, for the benefit of the next generation, should consider partnering with a residential group for the development of various low-rise buildings.  Where if the client did not want to JV and give up additional upside, they could alternatively partner with a fee developer.  Ultimately, the client, through City Center's involvement, selected Rose Associates as a fee developer. This relationship has generated 4 completed development projects to date, which total 780,000 sf of mixed-use retail and residential space.